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It's Time To Stop Sending Career Politicians To Washington D.C.


My name is Joshua Hancock, and I am running for Congress as your Libertarian candidate. With the majority of the media focusing on the two main parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, many people feel that they have little to no real choice when it comes to who to vote for. I am here to offer you another option.

I am a normal guy like you. I work a normal job, like you. I come home to a wife and kids, like many of you. I know what it is like to watch as people backed with a lot of party money tell you things will be better if you let them represent you, but then forget that promise the moment they become elected. You never hear from them again until the next election cycle when they ask for your vote again. I want to represent what you actually want, every day.

I love this country, and I disagree with the direction it is taking. We need a change. We need someone in office that is not a career politician, but a man of the people. We have a lot of reason to be proud of the institutions that made our country what it is today, and we need to defend those principles. Many who choose politics as a lifetime career have lost sight of this. I am deeply concerned with the erosion of our long held and specifically enumerated rights and I intend to defend them.

While I have not been a politician before, I have a long history behind me of being civically minded member of my community. When I was a young man I spent 11 years in the Boy Scouts, ultimately achieving my Eagle Scout. That organization stresses character, good citizenship, and traditional American values. I learned the value of hard work, honesty, and just rewards. I continued on to the Armed Forces, joining the Marine Corps as a continuation of my commitment to this country and my fellow citizens.

Many politicians running for office in the US today hold a position based on what is politically convenient at the time. I do not. As a Libertarian, I hold to a specific political, social, and economic ideology. You will know what I believe at the beginning, middle, and end of any political career you may entrust me with. I invite you to look through my statements on the issues to find out what those beliefs are. If you agree with enough of what I do, please favor me with your vote in the upcoming election. If you agree with a lot, please consider donating or volunteering.


Thank you,

Joshua Hancock

Joshua Hancock For Congress
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