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About Joshua

I grew up in Spokane Washington where I was active in Boy Scouts for 11 years, earning my Eagle Scout, before joining the Marine Corps. After my service I eventually settled in Oceanside and have been a member of that community for over twenty years now.

I have never run for political office. I am not a politician. I have been working for the same energy company for over 15 years as a normal, everyday working man. I decided to run after Darrell Issa retired from public service. My long standing passion for my country has reached a point where I feel I have to stand up for my rights, the rights of my neighbors, and do my part to serve the country that has given me so much.


Democrats have held significant political influence consistently over the past 50 years, and they have NEVER been able to deliver on what they promise. It is hard to find any project they have ever taken up that they haven’t made worse by their participation.

 You and me, the people, have given them a bigger budget for every one of their pet projects. Let me just list some of them for you and see if you are happy with the current state of these things: Education? Public transportation issues like the High-Speed Rail? Healthcare? Public Safety?

 If you don’t like the state of these things, then I give you the problem in one word: Democrats. We give them more of our money for their government programs, and yet they simply can't deliver.

 They have been given opportunity after opportunity to succeed, and a healthy budget to do so. When they don't deliver, they say it is because they were not given enough money, and want to increase our taxes. It is time to fire them and get people who can actually deliver on what they promise. I can do that for you.

 I am a fiscal conservative, and I promise you I will take every opportunity I have, to reduce spending and create a sustainable economic environment. Let me be crystal clear: I love the some of the same things they do. I like Social Security and Medicare, and I will safeguard those programs because there is a great purpose for them.

 We do that by keeping those programs focused and politicians fingers out of it. We need to keep them from stealing the benefits you paid for. I really hope they are around someday for me and my family. I am not going to give you a pleasant fairy tale about being able to give it to you under the current economic environment however. We are in real trouble. Our spending is out of control, and more spending is not what our country needs right now.

Joshua Hancock For Congress
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