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Please visit my CrowdPac website for Contributions. I have set a small goal of 10,000 dollars please help me fulfill my goal. Any donations are appreciated. show your support for Liberty.

Help me get to Congress!!



Click here for Crowdpac



I also accept Cryptocurrency donations for my fundraising. Please use the correct coin address per currency.

BTC 1DmBSzKziZ5LZSHP84id8hUWyAxKbsrBmF
BCH 1FGq7d4ZRNzAPv5RP83E2FuvgstcFTSw45
ETH 0x1F4260F8C2F02dFcC902E77af0d2b384FA73Ed7F
LTC LLTqdvyh1SBodByPV5NhhN2uC8Ycb7mURT

Joshua Hancock For Congress
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